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Slot Car Racing FAQS

What is a Slot Car?
A toy racing car that runs in a slot round a track and is controlled with a hand-held rheostat or controller." There are three main sizes or scales. HO 1.5 inches (1/43) for home use, 1/32 about 3 inches could be used at home or on a commercial track and 124, which is about 4 or 4.5 inches, used on commercial tracks only. That's the size we run most of the time.

Can anyone Slot Car race?
Yes, Anyone from the Ages of 5 and up (sometimes younger) can race and
have fun racing a Slot Car.

Is it hard to race a Slot Car?

No, Racing a Slot Car is as simple as pressing a button, of course you need
to practice going around the turns :)

What do I need to race a Slot Car?
You either need your own Slot Car & Controller, which you may either purchase
or rent from us.

Do you rent Slot Cars?

Yes, check out our pricing

Are there different types of Slot Cars?

Yes, just as there are different types of real cars, Slot Cars range from
beginner to expert cars. (based on price and speed).

Can I build my own Slot Car?

Yes, we sell all the parts so you can build your own Slot Car.

If my Slot Car breaks can I buy Replacement Parts?
Yes we have a full line of parts you either fix it yourself or for a small fee have us fix it for you.

Can I join races with my Slot Car?

Yes, we encourage kids of all ages to join our exciting races, its both
fun and exciting. Improving your racing skills to become a better racer is a rewarding experience

Do I have to join races, or can I race on the tracks without Joining?

No, you do not have to join races, we always have tracks available for renting.

Do you repair Slot Cars ?

Yes, we carry a full line of parts and can repair all types of cars

Do you have Birthday Parties ?

Yes, Our tracks are available for rental for parties, see a store associate
pertaining to available dates & times, -- remember a Slot Car birthday party
is always fun for children of all ages.  for more information click here

Can I earn free track time ?

Yes, we reward children for good grades, for more information click here.

How many tracks does your store have ?

We have 6 tracks,  2 Slot Car road coursed one drag strip 2 custom HO scale tracks (one is a drag strip).We also have a Pine Derby track that we set up by request

If I only have a Slot Car, what else do I need to race?

You need a Slot Car and Controller, if you do not have
a Controller you can rent one from us

Are there different types of controllers ?

Yes, there are several types of Controllers, just as there are different types
of Slot Cars, they range in both price and functionality.

Do I need a different controller for each one of my cars ?

Different Controllers mostly add functionality, some very high speed cars
require better controllers.

Can I build my own Slot Car, or do I need to buy one already made ?

You can either build your own Slot Car or buy one already made, as always
the choice is up to you, we advise beginners to buy their first car, it always
helps to look at something to figure out how it works before embarking
on the challenge of building your own car.

What is a wing body ?

A wing body, has air dams, clear plastic sides, front wedge or
rear spoiler.  These are used to hold the car on the track during high speeds.
Air passes though the wings flatten out the body which in turn pushes
the car closer to the track, in effect holing it down.

Do you sell anything besides Slot Cars ?

Yes, we have car, Airplane, and Boat models as well as pine derby and model
rockets. We also have modelers and scratch builder supplies.