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LMP- Run on Thursday Nights

If It's Not Mentioned It's Not Legal
Race ENTRY FEE $7.00
- practice time included with paid race entry: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Race: 7:00pm

SpeedZone not responsible to notify racers of updates changes to rules

Spec LMP: 2 minute heats
JK Cheetah X25 Chassis JKX25 (Chassis must be in stock configuration meaning that the pans from the other Cheetah series chassis may not be interchanged. Lightweight pans are illegal.)
The chassis may not be cut or bent from its original shape and must be unmodified apart from the following permitted modifications:
Lead may be taped or glued to the chassis
Pin tubes may be added in the original body mounting holes and can be floating or fixed to the chassis Rear bushings may be soldered to the chassis (ball bearings may not be used) Motor may be soldered to the chassis
May grind only the rear of the motor bracket for gear clearance
Chassis may be braced with commercially available rear upright brace or piano wire not to exceeded .062” diameter. No other bracing is permitted.
Tape may be applied Lead wire retainer may be added

3/32” solid rear axle only (no hollow or otherwise lightweight rear axles)
Front axle is not required; however, a 1/16” front axle and .500” wheels may be used

JK Hawk 7 Motor JKP30307only
Motor must be unmodified

May use any 64 pitch spur and pinion gear. 48 pitch, 72 pitch and 80 pitch gears are illegal.

Parma Dome GT-1 LeMans Part Number PAR1048A or PAR 1048B- for weekly racing additional bodies may be used see store for list.

Body must be cut on the cut-line and must maintain a vertical front bumper
Body must have 3 painted or sticker numbers.
A 3 color driver is required


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