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Restricted GP10- Monday Nite

Min wt 103 grams weight before and after race with no lane stickers,must maintain rear hight clearance.047.

*SpeedZone not responsilbe for notification of updates changes to rules**

Basics : 2 minutes on, 1 minute off:

Must by opake,with 3 numbers, front wheels or front wheel stickers. Parma Lola Lola 70524, Os OS Bentlee 069, Os cadillac 067preferred.

Other GTP style body must be inspected and approved before the race. specifically bodies with air control are illegal.

Chassis: Kelly/Pro-Slot: FX chassis (all varieties).
Parma: Flexi-4, and Flexi 5.
Champion: Turbo Flex, Astro Flex, (may use aluminum pans).
JK- Cheetah (may use light weight pans), Cheetah 7 (may reverse pans),Cheetah X21, Cheetah X24, Cheetah X25 (may use lightweight pans and may mix and match pans& center sections. i.e. – Cheetah X25 center section with Cheetah 11 pans). Cheetah 7 & 11 (Dcan versions),
Mossetti: Titan & Titan SS
The chassis may not be cut and cannot be bent from its original shape.Front wheel towers may not be trimmed
(must use Ft wheel stickersif no wheels)

May grind motor bracket for gear clearance.
Pan movement may be increased or restricted.
Rear axle vertical location may be changed.

Nothing may be added to the chassis if not mentioned in the list below:
Lead may be taped or glued to the chassis.
Pin tubes may be added in the original body mounting holes and can be floating or fixed to the chassis.
Rear bushings may be soldered to the chassis (no ball bearings).
Motor may be soldered to the chassis (screws are optional)
Chassis may be braced with no more than 3" of up to .062" diameter piano wire.
May add commercially available guide tongue reinforcement or rear brace.
Tape may be applied. Lead wire retainer may be added.

Any 16 D commercially available, balanced or unbalanced tagged 16-D armature.
(Super 16-D arms are specifically illegal)

16D chinese set ups; Parma, ProSlot, Kelly FX set ups with single piece, full hight ceramic D-Can magnets.(no ball bearings in can)May not interchange manufacturer parts. May notch can and/or magnet for axle clearance.
Minimum stack length .600”.
No shunt wire or spring insulation may be used.

Axles 1/16 front, 1/8 or 3/32 in solid steel only. No hollow or lightened axles permitted.

Tires rear black treated or untreated no speed rubber.

gears: 64 pitch only

If It's Not Mentioned It's Not Legal
The lap counter and track scale is always official.